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We assist a wide range of clients in our capacity as employment lawyers and personal injury attorneys. Earning a reputation for our reassuring atmosphere, relatable approach, and highly competent team, we have proven ourselves to be tough in the courtroom and compassionate with our clients. Below, you will find a selection of testimonials from our former clients.

Gold Star Law firm handled my case with professionalism and respect towards the issues I brought to them. Ashley and Cait were always courteous and informative. I felt very confident and assured that my case would be handled in a professional way. I am very pleased with the outcome, and would refer all of my friends and family to Gold Star Law firm if they had a labor/wage dispute with their employer.

Rochelle N.

My experience with Gold Star Law was absolutely awesome. I'd recommend their company to anyone!! Would love to do business in the future if necessary.

Vincent T.

I contacted several different lawyers regarding my MVA prior to speaking with Josh. Their only interest was whether I had an abnormal MRI. Once they discovered I had not, they either declined to take my case, or never returned my call. Josh was very professional and empathetic. He explained the process thoroughly, and while he agreed, my case wasn’t a HUGE case, it was still a case that he would like to take on. He remained in constant contact with me throughout the process, regardless of the question or concern I had. He was able to obtain a favorable award in what I considered a timely manner, with a reasonable fee for service. Very professional and down to earth – with realistic expectations, no matter how “huge” or “small” your case may be.

Paula S.

From the beginning of our relationship, you have been helpful and able to answer any questions that I had. Except for a few faxes, I really didn't have to do anything. Sara was kind and professional every time. Maia, thank you for everything and thank you for answering all my inane questions.

Wade G.

I had a great experience with Gold Star Law. They were friendly, professional and made sure that all of my needs were met. They were great making sure that the documents were turned in on time. They were able to settle in a quick manner. I would recommend this law firm to my friends & family.

Melandie H.

I found Gold Star Law to be very helpful, caring, and professional. They let me rant like a frustrated lunatic whenever I needed to, and then advised me on options once I calmed down enough to listen. This is a very stressful process to go through after being injured and having your whole way of life altered. Josh, James and the rest of the staff at Gold Star Law made it as "painless" as possible. Thank you!

Brandy S.

My legal team was very informative and knowledgeable. They did an awesome job. I would recommend Gold Star to anyone with legal concerns.

Jennifer L.

My experience has been super. Gold Star has made me feel welcomed as well as very supportive. I would definitely recommend Gold Star to others. All staff here were very nice and handled this very professionally.

Michelle G.

Gold Star Law is wonderful they helped me with every step along the way. They made a horrible work experience into something positive. I am grateful for all the hard work they did and I am looking forward to putting this behind me. Thank you all so much.

Danyelle P.

They were very professional and made me feel comfortable. They listened to us and did a wonderful job. They let us know what was going on all of the time. This is a wonderful experience.

Sheri P.

The firm was perfect. My lawyer kept in touch through the whole process and was very sweet and professional. It was just all around a great experience.

Michelle N.

Everyone is great. They call. They take initiative. They are kind and pleasant. Everyone is pretty.

Monet C.

Working with Gold Star was very easy and they walked me through the process and made it great. Everyone was very kind and helpful.

Connor K.

These guys are the best. They took a personal interest in my case. Thank you Gold Star for everything you did for me and my family.

John R.

I think that your business is very professional, and did a very good job. Not only did your representative call me back right away, but then he called again twice to further explain. It was very professional and I’m very impressed.

Dan W. (a prospective client, who called back after his initial phone consultation)

My experience with Gold Star Law was amazing. They worked very hard to get my lost wages back. Personnel there were very helpful and respectful, as were Ashley and David. I will definitely be recommending the Gold Star Law team!

Matthew S.

I enjoyed working with Gold Star Law. The attorneys are great. I was represented greatly. They have been very hands on. I will continue to work with Gold Star on any further cases. Thank you Gold Star.

Timothy S.

It has been a long process, but Gold Star was great the whole time. I would gladly refer to them.

Earl H.

I never considered myself a "person who would sue", even due to someone else's negligence, but when expenses began skyrocketing and my quality of life began an unexpected decent following a slip and fall injury, litigation was a necessary path for me. I chose Gold Star Law mainly for representation by Josh. He was extremely attentive and supportive, knowledgeable, and very professional! He always took time to listen, made himself available, kept me informed and encouraged me that his goal and focus was to return me to the life I enjoyed prior to my accident. Josh receives an A+ from me and I would recommend Gold Star Law to anyone!

Nora C.

I have had a pleasure working with Gold Star Law. I would recommend them.

Antonio V.

Gold Star Law has been a great law firm to work with. They were very helpful and fast to the point with my situation.

Colton W.

Thank you for representing me, and trying your best to get what workers comp owes me. You are a good lawyer, and I appreciate you helping me fight against workers comp when they tried to deny what was due to me . . . and you did a good job. I have peace of mind now, knowing you did what you could in all aspects of the case. I’m glad I trusted you to carry out the case. Thanks again and may God bless you!

Keondra H.

Just wanted to say thank you guys!!!! You have all been great during this whole process and I really appreciate it. But Jessica really made my day yesterday when she called me and then when I got home I saw your commercial on TV and I just wanted to let you guys know that I am so blessed God led me to you all. You guys are AWESOME.

JaMeanne S.

My experience with Goldstar was nothing but the best! I felt that they actually cared about my situation and did everything they could to help me. Thanks again!!

Kevin E.

I hired a lawyer from this firm. I was very satisfied.

George I.

GREAT firm. wouldn't go anywhere else

Jim H.

Great people with good experience.

Brian C.

Gold Star Law is the best!!!!!!!!!

Sam G.

I was very happy with Gold Star Law firm. Maia came and met us all in Howell and took a genuine interest with our case. She really listened to our stories, when nobody else would. She was very professional and did a great job with our case. Her assistant was wonderful too. I would recommend this law firm to my friends. Sincerely,

Kimberly B.

The staff are very professional. I encountered no problems and am very happy with the outcome of my claim. I will recommend Gold Star Law to everyone I know. Thank you all very much.

Lisa B.

They have done a great job. Thank you for everything

Heather F.

Very satisfied - worked well w/ our attorneys in speedy process. Thank you!

Kimberly I.

I found Gold Star Law to be very helpful in regards to my case. If you need someone to fight for you & win, call Gold Star Law

Lynda L.

This was a smoother process than I anticipated and was all handled very efficiently. I appreciate all of your help.

Wendy P.

My name is Angelo and Gold Star Law represented me in a recent lawsuit against a previous employer. I believe that they did a wonderful job, and I had a great experience working with them. If the opportunity came up again, I would choose Gold Star Law in a heartbeat.

Angelo A.

Overall, I had a good experience and an outcome better than expected.

Julie B.

My experience with Gold Star Law was a great one. I felt like I was being took care of and I was getting justice served. I feel like they took my case serious and everyone worked hard at what they do. Overall, I am very happy. Thank you!

Angela B.

Your staff was great & very professional in all their activity. I would recommend this office to anyone that needs professional work. You guys are great!!!!!

Terry B.

There would be no other law firm I would want to represent me in any case. The staff was friendly & polite! But the counsel was stern & firm, fast, efficient, and to the point. They have the exact drive I want in an attorney! Nothing but satisfaction!

Adrian G.

My experience with Gold Star Law was excellent. The EEOC gave us 5 days to notify them of my legal counsel to attend mediation with me. Gold Star replied to me immediately. I met with a Gold Star rep to discuss my claim. My case was taken on by Gold Star & 3 weeks later in mediation. A settlement was reached and 2 weeks later I picked up my settlement check. My attorney was knowledgeable about my industry, very professional & easy to talk to. I'd recommend Gold Star Law.

Delbert H.

Before I walked into Goldstar, I felt violated and taken advantage of. Ashley and all the staff at GS were so understanding and worked hard and swiftly to make things right for me. They were amazing at keeping me informed of my case. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking to gain powerful legal counsel.

Danielle J.

I had a good experience with Gold Star Law. You were all very professional and polite. I would recommend this law firm and I appreciate all the help with my case! Thanks for doing a great job!

Kristen K.

Cait & her assistant were wonderful very helpful. My appreciation to your staff. Thank again

Patricia K.

My overall experience with Gold Star Law is nothing but great things.

Patrick M.

Thank you for all your help in getting me help with my law suit for being fired due to my age. Thank you again for making a wrong right for me. You did a great job.

Debra P.

I always knew my options at all times with my case. I felt that the very best was done for my case and the communication was outstanding. I was most impressed by James with his timely responses to my concerns & questions. Thank you

Roger S.

It was very easy working with Goldstar Law. They were honest and caring from start to finish. Very easy to get in contact with your atty. I would recommend them to anyone who is having any type of issues with previous or current employers.

Kenneth R.

My experiences with Gold Star was by far the best out of this year. The people are very sweet and understanding. My attorney was a joy to be around. When you walk in the doors you feel everything is going to be ok. Thank you for be so nice and working so hard for me.

Angela S.

I was passed over for a promotion at my job because I was pregnant. I knew then that I was going to need help if I wanted to be treated fairly. I hired Gold Star Law to fight for me. Gold Star Law are experts in employment discrimination law. Everyone at the firm was great to work with. They fought for me and we won big. I recommend Gold Star Law to anyone dealing with employment discrimination issues. Sincerely,

Christine T.

I believe Gold Star did an excellent job representing my case. I would recommend this law firm to others if the opportunity presents itself.

Sabrina W.

I had a wonderful experience with my attorneys at Gold Star. Every phone call, and email was answered and I was kept up to date during the entire process. I would use them again if I ever need their services.

Eric W.

We'd like to express our appreciation for the help and the professional way the team at Gold Star Law expedited our case. Being senior citizens we especially appreciated Joshua coming to our house rather than my wife and I having to travel. Thank you all!

Harold and Dana H.