Reduced Legal Fees for Auto Injury Cases

When you use Gold Star Law for your auto accident lawsuit, not only do you not pay until you win- you pay less!  As you likely know, most law firms that handle auto injury cases do it on a “contingency basis.”  That means that instead of paying anything upfront or paying as you go, the lawyers take a share of whatever you win- the more you win, the more they take.  Most firms take one-third  (33.3%) of whatever you win as their fee for auto accident cases.  At Gold Star Law, we only take one quarter (25%) for your auto cases- saving you more than 8%.

What does that mean for me?

Gold Star Law’s reduced auto fee of 25% means more money in your pocket.  If your case ends in a settlement or judgment of $100,000, that’s more than $8,000 extra that you get to keep. If your case ends in a settlement or judgment of $1,000,000, that’s more than $80,000 extra that you get to keep!  No matter how much your case is worth, you get more with Gold Star Law’s reduced auto fee structure.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch! Gold Star Law is a reputable firm with smart, tough, caring attorneys, and you get the same quality representation with our reduced fee that you will always get from Gold Star Law.  We do not try less, cut corners, use less experienced attorneys, or take any other short cuts- with reduced fee auto cases or any other cases.  No matter what your fee arrangement with us is, we give every case our all.

Why are you doing this?

We are doing this because we care.  We truly do care about all our clients.  Our attorneys go to our clients’ houses if that’s what the clients want.  They call to see how clients are doing, even if there’s no news to give on a case.  They always think, at every step, about what is in the clients’ best interests.  This reduced fee for auto cases reflects our commitment to always put our clients’ interests first.

If you’ve been in an auto accident, you deserve a lawyer who truly cares about you.  While lots of firms can say they care, Gold Star Law puts its money where its mouth is.  Get someone tough, someone smart, someone caring, and get more money in your pocket.  Call Gold Star Law today.