Employment Discrimination

Nobody should have to endure discrimination in the workplace. Employment discrimination occurs when an employer takes adverse action against an employee because he or she is a member of a protected class.

Adverse action can include unfair treatments such as:

  • Firing
  • Not hiring
  • Unfavorable job assignment
  • Discipline
  • Demotion
  • Pay inequality

Both Michigan and federal law prohibit employers from discriminating based on:

  • Race
  • Sex
  • National Origin
  • Religion
  • Age
  • Disability

This chart shows the number of claims filed for each type of discrimination by year according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Michigan law also prohibits discrimination based on:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Family or marital status

Under federal and Michigan law, victims of employment discrimination can recover from economic losses, such as lost pay and benefits and loss of earning ability caused by unlawful discrimination.

If you believe you have been the victim of discrimination, contact Gold Star Law to protect your rights and recover for the economic and emotional damages you have suffered. The law imposes time limits for bringing a discrimination claim, so contact us quickly for a free evaluation and consultation.