Independent Contractor

Michigan employers are supposed to pay for certain things for their employees. For example, employers may be required to provide payment of social security taxes, equal access to health care and retirement benefits, and overtime pay. More and more employers avoid providing these benefits by incorrectly labeling workers as non-employees. Your employer may be calling you an “independent contractor” when, under the law, you are actually an employee.

If you are not really an independent contractor, you should get all the benefits and protections of a regular employee. If your employer controls the time, place, and manner of your job performance, you may actually be an “employee” under the law. Federal and state laws look to your actual work situation and not what your employer calls you. Courts will also look at factors such as who owns the equipment you use, how you are supervised, and where you do your work.

If you are being called an independent contractor but are actually an employee, you may be missing out on benefits you deserve. Located in metro Detroit and serving all of Michigan, Gold Star Law can help you determine if you are really an employee and whether you should be getting benefits you are not getting now. You may even be entitled to twice what you should have been paid. Contact Gold Star Law for more information.