A Tip on Filing Complaints About Work Situations

When you make a complaint about your work situation, it is best to do so in writing and to keep a copy. First, this can help make it clear to your employer what, exactly, your complaint is. Second, if you end up involved in some sort of lawsuit related to your complaint, you will be able to show the court exactly what your complaint was.

Although many employees submit complaints to their employer independently, it can be helpful to contact an employment lawyer for help on how to complain about your work situation.  For example, an employment attorney will make sure that you identify sexual harassment as sexual harassment in your complaint, instead of just talking about general harassment or bullying, which is typically not illegal and thus typically not a protected complaint.  An employment attorney can also help you filter out anything else that you might otherwise put in your complaint that could weaken a future employment lawsuit in the event that your employer retaliates against you or you end up pursing a lawsuit for the underlying employment law problem.  An employment lawyer can also help you make sure that your complaint goes to the right people and is properly documented in case it becomes evidence in a future employment lawsuit.

If you would like the help of an employment lawyer to make a complaint about a situation at your workplace, contact Gold Star Law.  Our employment attorneys can help you submit the strongest possible complaint to try to address your employment law problem and put you in the best possible position for a future employment lawsuit if necessary.