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A team of tough, experienced slip and fall lawyers

If you’ve been injured and need a slip and fall lawyer, the team at Gold Star Law is here to assist you in securing the benefits that you deserve. Whether your slip and fall injury was caused by dangerous, unkempt conditions or defective construction, you can count on us to aggressively pursue your case.

Slip and fall accidents can include…

  • Falls on snow and ice
  • Wet floor surfaces
  • Improper or defective lighting
  • Broken or poorly-constructed stairways or sidewalks
  • Damaged or missing handrails

Michigan law allows for a range of benefits for those injured in slip and fall accidents, including the payment of medical expenses and compensation for disability, pain, and inability to work. If you’ve recently suffered a serious injury due to poor conditions, you should reach out to Gold Star Law to discuss your case today. Our team of experienced, aggressive slip and fall lawyers will provide you with a free consultation, a free evaluation, and will advise you on the best way to pursue your claim.