About the Gold Star Law Intake Process for Employment Law, Wrongful Termination, and More

If you have a personal injury, wrongful termination, or employment law problem and call Gold Star Law, what happens?

A lot of people are nervous about calling a law firm, especially if they’re calling about a place where they still work or the information they’re sharing is very private.  You may be uncomfortable talking in detail about sensitive issues with a stranger over the phone, and that’s understandable.  We would like to pull back the veil and let you know what happens when you call Gold Star Law, so that you can feel as comfortable and confident as possible when you call us with your concern.

When you call our advertised phone line, (248) 851-GOLD, the call rings to a group of paralegals who are specially trained in employment law and personal injury intake.  If you fill out the “Contact Us” form on our website, the information will be forwarded to the same group of paralegals, who will then call you.  They will talk to you about your problem and get the information our lawyers need to evaluate your issue.  This information then goes directly to either our employment lawyers, who handle things like unpaid overtime, discrimination, harassment, disability discrimination, wrongful termination, or any other situation where you have a legal problem at work, or our personal injury lawyers, who handle car accidents, worker’s compensation, slip and falls, and other situations where you have been physically hurt.  These attorneys take the time to carefully review each caller’s situation to assess what possible claims there may be and what the caller’s best options are going forward.

Every caller is called back promptly with the lawyer’s determination.  Sometimes, unfortunately, our lawyers decide that there is nothing we can do to help in a particular situation.  Not everything that is unfair is illegal, especially in employment law.  Other times, a caller may have a potential claim, but the damages are so minimal that the potential recovery (what can be won for the case) is less that the costs to pursue it.  However, when our lawyers think there may be something we can do to help, we call back and set up a meeting with an employment lawyer or personal injury lawyer to discuss the problem in more detail and possibly sign the caller up as a client.

If you are asked to come in for a meeting with a Gold Star Law attorney, please bring all relevant documents that you have.  If you have an employment law problem, this may include your personnel file, pay records, time sheets, written complaints about the problem, employment contracts, employee handbooks, or disciplinary notices. If you have a personal injury problem, documents may include police reports, medical records, medical bills, pictures of your injuries at various points in time, pictures of your vehicle, and correspondence with your insurance company.

Throughout the entire intake process, all of your information is kept completely confidential.  We will not contact your employer.  We will not call your insurance agent.  No information about your issue will leave our office until we have met with you and have your permission to start working on your case.

To start the intake process for your employment law or personal injury case, contact us today.