Are You Seeking an Attorney at Gold Star Law?

Welcome to Gold Star Law, where we care about getting you the help you need. Gold Star Law is a great place to seek help in employment law. Whether it be discrimination, harassment, wage and hour, medical leave, workers compensation, personal injury, family law, and so much more, we’ll do our best to help in every way possible. The first step in seeking an attorney is to call our office. The initial phone consultation is free. If our attorneys are able to take you on as a client, most cases are done on a contingent basis. One of our skilled paralegals will assist you, as well as ask you a series of questions to gather as much information as possible to further help our attorneys with their decision on moving forward with you. Our standard questionnaire is quick and easy, and will take 5-10 minutes to answer. When you answer our questionnaire over the phone, you will also have a chance to fully describe to us your legal issue for which you are calling. After we have successfully gathered all information needed, our paralegals will forward your complaint to the appropriate attorneys, based on the type of claim you are making, so they can review and determine their decision based on what you have given our paralegals. When the attorneys have come to a decision, you will receive a call back within an appropriate time frame. Some things you should be prepared to answer during your phone consultation are:

  • The start and end date of your current job
  • Hourly or salary pay
  • Exact pay
  • Number of employees
  • Proof of some sort to better help with your legal issue
  • How you heard of us
  • Please be advised we will need your first and last name
  • Place of employment, as well as the city
  • How many hours worked within a week, possible overtime
  • Phone number
  • Brief summary of legal issue

At Gold Star Law, we strive to give all of our callers and clients the best quality service to ensure you get the help you need.