Christmas Poem

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and you were at work,

Where your boss was being kind of a jerk.

Maybe he was making fun of your ethnicity,

Or refusing to accommodate your disability.


Maybe you were being sexually harassed,

Or fired for not doing illegal things when asked.

Maybe he wasn’t paying you enough,

When you worked all that overtime and did all that stuff.


Maybe you were punished for complaining

About illegal employment practices your employer was maintaining.

Whatever the practice and whatever the reason,

He was doing something unlawful this holiday season.


When what to your wondering eyes did appear,

But a Gold Star Law attorney, full of knowledge and cheer.

“I can help you with this!” the lawyer did say,

“There are laws to protect you, like the FLSA,


And Title VII and the ADA,

Elliott Larsen and the FMLA!”

The lawyer started working without hesitation,

With researching and writing and negotiation.


Your lawyer was skillful, and that skill really showed,

When she handed you a check for all you were owed.

And you heard her exclaim as you walked away,

“If you have employment law problems, call Gold Star Law today!”