Gold Star Law … Where are you?

A lot of businesses are completely or partially shut down right now due to COVID-19.  Some are “essential” and are still open, with adjustments being made as necessary.  Others, like Gold Star Law, have found ways to adapt to the new situation.  If you want to contact Gold Star Law during the Michigan shut down, good news- we are still open, with some changes!

The biggest change is that we are not working out of our office.  However, our attorneys and paralegals are still just as connected as ever with phones and computers at home.  Our normal business hours were 8:30 am to 5pm, and now they are 10 am to 4 pm.  We have people available during those hours to answer your call and talk to you about your employment law or personal injury concern.  Our normal intake process begins with a phone call, so other than the slightly reduced work hours there is no change in the initial intake procedure.  Our attorneys are still talking to potential clients and filing new cases.  The only difference is that this is now being done entirely by phone and email instead of being done in our office.

Most Michigan courts are closed to in-person contact except for emergency proceedings, but the courts have not shut down civil cases.  That means our cases are still moving forward, with some adjustments.  If you are a current Gold Star Law client the attorneys and paralegals working on your case can talk to you in more detail about your specific case and how the court where that case is pending is handling the shut down, and what that means for you and your claim.  If you are looking to file a new claim, you can.  Courts are all still accepting new cases.  This process was previously handled by electronic filing and mail, depending on the court, so that has not changed.

If you need to come to Gold Star Law’s office, we can work with you.  Some clients have needed to pick up or drop off checks or documents and we have had people at the office to make that possible.  If you are a potential new client who needs to pick up or drop off paperwork, we can arrange a time with you to facilitate everything in a way that works for you.

Do not let the shut down shut down your claim.  If you have a personal injury or employment law claim that you were thinking of pursuing, you can!  We are still completely available and handling our current claims and new claims too.  Contact us today to find out your next steps and how to proceed given the current shut down restrictions.