Has Your Right to Privacy Been Violated? Speak with an Experienced Invasion of Privacy Lawyer Today

In Michigan, there are four distinct types of invasion of privacy that warrant the filing of a civil lawsuit. The team at Gold Star Law has the ability to aggressively pursue all types and will work with you to understand your situation, develop a case, and seek a positive outcome. It can be difficult, though, to understand the different invasions of privacy, as some do not cause embarrassment or financial loss. In today’s post, we’re going to cover the four types and, hopefully, help you decide if you want to file a suit.

  1. Intrusion on a person’s seclusion or solitude

There are certain places and situations where people’s privacy is protected. Places like public restrooms, changing rooms, and hotel rooms have an inherent “right to privacy.” If you are in such a place, an invasion of privacy is a violation of the law.

  1. Public disclosures of embarrassing private facts about a person

Your right to privacy protects you against the publication of embarrassing private facts that should remain private. If the facts are embarrassing, the Defendant had no duty to disclose them, and the disclosure is an unreasonable disclosure to another person, you may have a case.

  1. Publicity that places a person in a false light in the public eye

Similar to defamation, this violation of privacy involves the painting of a person in a false light by an individual aiming to depict them in an inaccurate, negative light. If someone has wrongly portrayed you in a bad light, contact us today to discuss your options.

  1. Appropriation of a person’s name or likeness, for the Defendant’s gain

If an unauthorized person uses your likeness to promote a commercial product for their own financial gain, you should contact an invasion of privacy lawyer. In this case, it isn’t necessary that the information used be embarrassing or damaging.

At Gold Star Law, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the absolute best personal injury and employment law services available. If you believe that your right to privacy has been violated, we encourage you to reach out to us today to discuss your options.