Josh – a Personal Injury Attorney

If Josh Cecil isn’t in court fighting for his clients, he’s in the office making sure every case has what it needs to deliver the best result possible.  If you call Gold Star Law with anything ranging from a personal injury to invasion of privacy to police misconduct, there’s a very good chance that you’ll end up meeting him in person.  Prior to coming to Gold Star Law, Josh worked as a criminal prosecutor developing a solid understanding of criminal law that he employs when necessary in his cases.  Josh also worked as an insurance defense attorney so he knows all of the tricks that insurance companies use to try and cheat you out of the money that is rightfully yours.  As someone who has worked FOR the insurance company, Josh already knows what they are up to and what they are going to try to get away with before your case even starts.  This means that Josh’s clients are in a great position because he is already working to make sure the insurance companies treat his clients fairly and give them every penny they are entitled to receive.

Josh handles many automobile accident cases.  He has also handled multiple cases outside the realm of auto, such as slip & fall cases, workers compensation cases, and even bat bite cases.

Outside of the office, Josh loves to spend time with his family and they just welcomed their second daughter to the world!  He also enjoys traveling, MSU football and basketball and wine tasting.  If he weren’t an attorney zealously advocating for his clients on a daily basis, he would be a chef as he absolutely loves cooking for his family every night.

If you have a personal injury that you’d like to discuss with Josh, contact us today for a free and confidential consultation.  Who knows, maybe Josh will even share one of his recipes with you.