Your First Step if You’ve Experienced Sexual Harassment at Work

What should employees do once they’ve experienced sexual harassment in the workplace?

Many employees have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace but have failed to notify their employer of that harassment. Failure to report sexual harassment can result in an employee’s sexual harassment lawsuit being dismissed. Even if an employee has experienced severe, ongoing sexual harassment while at work, an employer will not be held liable if they have no notice or reason to know that the workplace harassment was taking place. While some instances of sexual harassment can result in the employer knowing about the sexual harassment without the employee complaining directly to their employer, such as when the harasser is the owner or when management observes the harassment occurring, in most cases the employee is still required to report sexual harassment themselves.

When an employee fails to notify the proper supervisor or agency of the workplace sexual harassment, the employer may assert a defense to the sexual harassment claim. Employers often claim that they are not responsible for sexual harassment experienced by an employee who failed to notify them of the workplace harassment. This can be a valid defense. If an employer can prove that they had no actual notice of the alleged sexual harassment, no reason to know of it, and no opportunity to remedy it, the employee’s claim will likely be dismissed.

If you’ve experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, make sure that you take the proper steps to put your employer on notice, such as notifying a supervisor, human resources, or the proper government agency. Don’t let an employer escape responsibility by failing to report sexual harassment. Remember, employers are prohibited by law from retaliating against an employee for reporting sexual harassment. You can hire a law firm that understands Title VII and sexual harassment law in general to sue your employer for damages, including economic, emotional, and punitive damages. If you believe that you’ve been sexually harassed in the workplace, get the help of a Michigan employment law firm that understands Title VII and sexual harassment law in general, contact Gold Star Law.  The sexual harassment lawyers at Gold Star Law will aggressively fight for your rights.